A Wedding Planning Company

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Founded by Celestial Weddings, catering to couples who needs a little help planning their wedding and some inspiration for a once in a lifetime event. The Little Details aims to make your special occasion nostalgic, entertaining and mesmerizing.

                                  Candy Buffets                                                                               Thumbprint Guestbook

The Candy Buffet is the newest and hottest trend , not to mention nostalgic and entertaining. Perfect for any occasion from Weddings, to Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Baby Showers and many more, it presents a delightful and unique way to make your occasion memorable. A candy buffet can look classy and elegant, or wacky and fun, depending on the theme of your event. It is a good idea to have a variety of candies to ensure that your guests will find something that they love.

The Thumbprint Guestbook is a contemporary and fun guestbook alternative. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, reunions, etc., it is one of the most trendy guestbooks that lets your guests have fun together. Guests will enjoy leaving their thumbprint and signature on your wedding tree to create the leaves on the tree, the balloons for the couple, and many more ideas. Have it framed to be displayed in your home after the event and enjoy it for years to come. All fonts and colours can be customised to your liking.